our strategic plan.

Our Mission
To empower and support students to innovate and lead environmental sustainability efforts.

Our Vision
A world where students lead the way to a more sustainable future.

(Focus: Middle and Senior High Schools)

  Goal: To assist middle and high schools start and grow active, student-led environmental clubs that have tangible impact on their communities.
  Programs to Achieve our Goal:

  • • Use experience and expertise to advise and provide consultant-type work to help students and communities with sustainability initiatives.
  • “Plant the Seed” Manual: A blue print to help schools and their students start organizations or help to improve an existing group. The manual will focus on student engagement and community participation.
  • Mobile Sustainability Lab: This project involves the conversion of a donated RV into a traveling classroom to inspire the next generation of problem-solvers. Known as TESS (Transportable Environmental Sustainability Showcase) the RV will become a walk-through display of a futuristic sustainable world. The RV will come with pull-out lab stations for student activities and lab exercises related to developing the knowledge needed to create the world demonstrated inside. The RV will travel to schools, colleges, and community events.
  • GreenAllies Networking Site (social media website) A project that provides a complete social media platform for students to exchange concerns, ideas and best practices. This will also provide a platform to showcase projects and share ideas on how to be successful.
  • Youth Grow: A project dedicated to helping youth become food system leaders in their communities by helping create a sustainable food system that produces food in a way that supports economic, environmental, social and nutritional well-being. This will be accomplished through assisting students to become community leaders and agents of change in the area of sustainable food production. This could be through community gardens, through partnering with local farmers, or through consumer campaigns.
  • Green Allies Conferences and Networking: Design, plan and implement a conference series for middle and high school students to help inspire and empower them to be sustainability leaders and to provide the tools needed for success. • GreenAllies Challenge: (An interactive Middle and High School contest) This program will introduce us to new schools and provide a framework for the Foundation to assist schools. The “Challenge” is a contest that students at schools across the country can sign up for at the beginning of the year. Upon registration, each school will select a specific environmental goal for that school year. Every school in the contest will remain in contact with the Foundation through our new networking site www.greenalliesnetwork.org. Each school will be assigned a mentor from the organization who will provide assistance and guidance throughout the year and help each school succeed. The schools that demonstrate the greatest success will win cash prizes.

(Focus: College Student Engagement)
  Goal: To create a network or college students inspired and willing to engage in new sustainability initiatives on campus and in the community.
  Programs to Achieve Our Goal:

  • Green Allies Conferences: Continue to host a college conference each year with the goal of inspiring new initiatives back at their campuses. These conferences will provide the knowledge and tools to help empower students. It also gives the Foundation an opportunity to promote our services to support the student initiatives. We will follow through with help and assistance to every school seeking our services.
  • Leadership Program: A program to get college students to work with and lead sustainability efforts in their community. College volunteers will initiate service projects to and make connections off campus that benefit the local community. The Alliance will nurture and grow the community participation and locate community resources to assist with the project.
  • Internship Program: To actively recruit college students to work with the foundation and our programs. Especially at our Althouse Arboretum. Internship opportunities will be available year-round with an emphasis on the summer.

(Focus: Student and Community Leaders)
Goal: To provide the mechanisms that promote leadership skills in both students and the communities they work with.
  Note: The Althouse Arboretum is our greatest asset to help provide and model leadership opportunities for students
  Programs to Achieve our Goal:

  • Student Leadership Team: To maintain the fundamental idea that students must be involved in the design, improvements and management of both the Foundation and the Althouse Arboretum. Promote student leadership through the development and maintenance of the property. This will serve as a model for other communities.
  • Student-run Community Programing: Create a model program in which students lead educational programs at the Althouse Arboretum. This will include children’s programs as well as general education programs focusing on sustainability.
  • “Friends of the Arboretum” Program: To empower residents to work with students to meet the development goals of the Althouse Arboretum
  • Leadership Training Program: A program to promote leadership and cooperative learning skills in all demographics. This program will utilize the Arboretum and its Low Ropes Course as its central feature to create specialized activities led by students and other trained individuals.
  • Completion of the Althouse Arboretum: In order to utilize the resources of the land, an effort must be made to complete the Master Plan for the property that allows us to utilize the land for the leadership development initiatives.