How the Foundation is Structured.

org structureWhat We Do: Our two primary initiatives

1. GreenAllies Network: Our national work in helping empower and support student and their sustainability efforts.
    a. Includes student conference, national scholarship program, traveling sustainability classroom (TESS), consulting with partner schools and colleges, mentoring through our Advisory Board

2. Althouse Arboretum: Developing student leadership by designing and implementing education programs at our preserved property near Pottstown, PA.
    a. Includes public education programs, children’s programs and camps, Low Ropes Leadership development programs, internship opportunities, and land preservation projects

How the Foundation is Structured
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The Foundation is composed of several critical components that must work together efficiently.

1.The Board of Directors 
2017 GreenAllies Board of Directors >>
This is the legal entity that controls the Foundation. It is made up of 12-20 volunteer community members (with 25% of the individuals being students) that serve 2-year terms. The Board is responsible for all oversight and decision-making for the Foundation. Board members commit their time and energy to help make the Foundation successful and financially sustainable. Quarterly meetings are held for voting. Members also act as committee members, volunteers, and actively work with fundraising.

2. The Executive Director
The one responsible for all the daily operations and programs for GreenAllies. He/she is also responsible for all staff and volunteers.

3. Development Coordinator
This intern position assists with the organization of the conferences, the National GreenAllies Challenge, and works on grant and fundraising activities.

4. Advisers
Volunteers taking a lead role in their communities, or provide advice and volunteer time. They can be teachers, college students, or any interested community members. Advisors are the GreenAllies branches reaching out into communities across the country.

5. Community Coordinator
Person who volunteers to be the bridge to the local community around the Althouse Arboretum. Helps to secure volunteers and takes on the role as community spokesperson.

6. Program Director
Staff member in charge of all education and community programs and events at the Althouse Arboretum. Also serves as the community outreach to promote arboretum activities.

The Executive Director relies on a network of volunteers to help plan and run the programs of the Foundation.
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Our most important Resource: Advisers

Scattered across 17 states, our 70 advisers volunteer to assist with programs, act as mentor, and play an integral role in the overall success of GreenAllies. They are former students with experience in working on projects and provide a special insight into how GreenAllies can become the most effective and influential organization possible. Anyone with experience and who are connected to GreenAllies can apply to be included on the Advisory Board.
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2017 Green Allies Board of Directors