GreenAllies Network.

Providing the tools and resources to create successful sustainability projects in your community

Our Mission -  To empower and support students to innovate and lead environmental sustainability efforts.

Our Vision -  A world where students lead the way to a more sustainable future

A little more than a year ago this was all just an idea. A transformative one born from a demand to give students a chance to become sustainability leaders in their communities. Communities are looking for innovative ideas and students are searching for opportunities, but someone is needed to make the critical connections. This is a big idea. To create an outside organization that can connect three critical elements: community, education and the environment. This is what we do. This is the Green Allies Network.

GA Network websiteiconWhat is the Green Allies Network?
It is simply a network of schools, organizations and community groups who want to work together to promote a more sustainable future. GreenAllies will act as the “umbrella” group to help organize and coordinate the network so that all its members can benefit.
> Contact GreenAllies if you want to join the NETWORK

The Challenge:
Each year GreenAllies sponsors a scholarship competition to help empower middle and high school students to do extraordinary projects with their schools and community. Each project registered is assigned a mentor who can help provide extra resources, ideas and inspiration to help schools.
> For more information on the Challenge, including schedule, frequently asked questions, or contact information - visit the website.

Mentor Program:
Most who contact GreenAllies are looking for advice and guidance in specific areas related to a project they are interested in implementing. With so many requests, and not enough staff to handle them all, we are developing of database of experts from business, education, and various organizations to create a “Mentor” list scientific advisors and individuals willing to assist with project concepts. This huge undertaking all starts in the Philadelphia area and will expand across the country.
> Contact GreenAllies if you would like to become a MENTOR for students and schools across the country.

Sustainability Conference:
The goal is to bring together student groups and campus organizations to be inspired and empowered to begin work with the Green Allies Network and accomplish great things. These conferences are organized by students for students.
> Contact GreenAllies if you would like to organize a CONFERENCE at your school.