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IMG 0543The Todd and Barb Hilsee Foundation will match up to $25,000 of any donations made to GreenAllies before December 31st, 2017.  Please donate today and double your impact!

Your tax-deductible donation to GreenAllies will make an impact on our fast-growing national programs that empowered more than 2,000 students to become visionary environmental leaders last year. Please make a donation so we can continue to do this important work!

GreenAllies is a registered 501c3 charity organization. All gifts are tax deductible according to the law.

Our Donors

view our sponsorsThanks to the following individuals, businesses, and groups who have contributed to GreenAllies:

Jack Althouse
J. Robert Ates Kyle Baker
Nancy Baker
Sean Baker
Richard Barth
Pam & Glenn Bateman
Tori Bateman John Bayard
Ginette Beetem
Kerry Bonner
Kim Brehm
Kirk Brown
Nicole Brown
Sheila & Charlie Burns
Michael Campbell
Adele Cavallaro
Elda Collier
John Collier
John & Charlotte Collier
Lisa Coons
Monica Coyle
Heather Curtin Santry
Bill Donnelly
Stephen Engroff
Jenah Fluck
Jim & Ruth Flynn
Christina Frack
Charles Garner
David & Wendy Gaynor
Noreen & Ed Gaynor
Sharon Geller
Andrew & Crystal Gilchrist
Kim Gleason
Eugene Goldman
Kara Hackman
Annette Hamilton
Madeline Hamilton
Ted & Hellen Hamilton
Chris Hickman
Suzanne Hickman
Joanne Hilsee
Lissa Hilsee
Todd & Barb Hilsee
Tom Hilsee
Emily Isabell
Leigh Jackson
Ronald Kahane
Salwa Khan
Joan King
Kristina King
Gerold Kisastsky
Chloe Klaus
Theresa Klaus
Andy Kraynak
Gita Kundrod
Kathryn Kundrod
Ellen Lance
Kristen Lauria
Steve Leo
Amy Lignelli
Lisa Manresa
Nicole Matz
Kate McKee
Herbert Miller
Richard Mingey
Jim & Jane Murphy
Robert Murphy
Patricia O'Connell
Bob & Kathy Pfeiffer
Mark Reis
Richard Roller
Brad Rowe
Sarah Self
John & Elizabeth Smith
Lauren Speaker
Harrison Stengle
David Stokes
Donna Swavely
Julia Szarko
Elwood Taylor
Nancy Toothaker
David Weigle
Shannon Wheatman
Tom Willging
Gayle Wolf
Ezra Wood
Gerry Yergey
John Yergey