The GreenAllies mission is to empower and support students as they become environmental sustainability leaders.  We envision a world where students lead the way to a more livable future by providing student leadership opportunities through service programs that promote a healthier, more sustainable community.

  • Empowering students
  • Driving environmental innovation
  • Creating visionary leaders
  • Changing the world.

We are a rapidly growing organization trying to keep pace with a rapidly growing demand for our services.  GreenAllies is looking to create the next generation of community leaders by creating moments for students to thrive.  Whether it is by creating community programming led by students or developing a network where students can share best practices, GreenAllies is the one resource they can go to for support and assistance. We are backed by a strong Board of Directors looking to drive environmental innovation.  We organized a national network of motivated and committed college students and community members willing to volunteer, advise and support student projects throughout the region and across the country.


Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan for the future.

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How the foundation is structured.

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