Become An Adviser

WHAT IS AN “ADVISER”? This group of GreenAllies volunteers serve remotely to provide input and advice on student projects and initiatives.  They are:

  1. Professionals in an environmental field willing to communicate advice to students looking for future careers in the field
  2. Citizens with an interest and experience in a particular area of sustainability who willing to share their knowledge with students
  3. College students interested in providing advice to middle and high school students working on environmental projects at their school or community.  
  4. College students interested in creating networking opportunities or conferences for other college students interested in sustainability.

Sometimes, when new ideas are introduced, Advisers are contacted to provide insight on the possibility of success, the best ways to carry out the idea, or help finding better alternatives. They are also able to introduce new ideas to the Executive Director for consideration. In additions, advisers can become mentors or judges for our National Challenge Scholarship competition.

Level of Involvement:

Moderate – no consistent schedule, done at home, may require additional time for research and contacting others.  Level of involvement and time commitment are completely up to the individual. 

How To Apply:

  >  Fill out this –online form if you are interested in severing as an adviser